Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your stock so cheap?
These are the people who normally buy from antique shops.  Because we are a virtual store, we don't have to pay rent, utilities, etc to maintain a shop front.  This allows us to pass on these savings to our customers.  

Why is your stock so expensive?
The people asking this question are Ebay or online auction customers.  Whilst Ebay provides some great prices, there is an element of risk involved.  This risk is even greater when purchasing from overseas, where even when there is a return policy in place, by the time postage is taken in to account, a substantial sum can be lost.  What Silver Spoon Antiques does is take away that risk.  We will happily refund any item that the buyer is not happy with (we don't think that will happen!).

I don't want to use paypal, can I still buy something?
A number of people don't have Paypal, or don't like putting their credit card details into cyberspace.  We are more than happy to take cheques or money orders, simply send us an email with the item you like and we'll put it on hold for you.


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