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Malaysian Silver Bowl, 1963-65


An interesting historical piece. The Federation of Malaya was a federation of 11 states (nine Malay States and two British Settlements) that existed from 31 January 1948 until 16 September 1963. The Federation became independent on 31 August 1957, and in 1963 was reconstituted as Malaysia with the addition of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. Singapore was expelled in 1965, which means this bowl must have been made in that two year period (probably to celebrate the formation of Malaysia), because it includes Singapore in its 14 crests. It is marked with a script mark which is in Jawi, an Arabic script used in Malaysia, the script translates to the word is Kelantan, a state in northern Malaysia which has a tradition of silverwork. In good condition, although it may have originally had a lid or grate for flowers. It measures approximately 17cm wide and weighs 230 grams. 

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