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Queen Anne Britannia Standard Silver Tankard, William GAMBLE, London, 1709


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What a stunning piece of silver! This is the oldest piece of holloware we have had in stock. In the higher grade Britannia standard, this tankard was made by London silversmith William Gamble in 1709. It has a great contemporary intialling to the front, with later initials on the handle. The crest is also potentially a slightly later addition. In overall good condition, there are one or two small dings, the base join of the handle is slightly pushed in and there is perhaps an old repair to the base of the scroll thumb piece. Pretty good for something over three hundred years old! The piece is ex-Christies (old sticker is still on base). It measures approx 15cm tall and weighs 588 grams.

Please ask if you have any other questions about this significant piece.

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